Our orchards are situated on the Guadalquivir Valley, an unique enclave of fertile lands carefully worked by experts for generations.

Since the 1950s we have been cultivating quality citrus fruits and now, into our third generation, we maintain the same dedication, the same passion, the same quality and the same attention to detail behind our delicious oranges from the sun-kissed valley of the Guadalquivir river. Our values are founded on the basic principles of excellent quality produce and superior customer service. Our orchards respect the natural environment and we only use eco-friendly treatments to ensure premium quality. Furthermore, we are committed to excellent customer service: our oranges are sent directly to each customer as soon as they are picked, minimizing delivery time for maximum freshness.


1. Growing

Oranges are cultivated with care in our sun-kissed orchards...


2. Order

Our team receives and manages each of the orders...


3. Picking

The oranges are picked by hand to order...


4. Delivery

The products are sent directly to the customer.

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